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Ken Whiteley is multi-award decorated and much sought after recording producer. He has produced over 135 recording projects for numerous Blues, Country & Bluegrass, Celtic, Children’s, Folk, Gospel, R&B, Swing and World recording artists. His recording studio walls are adorned with multiple gold and platinum records from over 30 years of memorable recording sessions.


Ken's Recording Philosophy:

• It is the artist's recording, not the producer’s. Ken’s main job is to help you, the artist, realise your artistic vision.
• Ken tries to be involved as early possible to participate in the planning, song selection, choice of studio, musicians, scheduling, budgeting, et cetera.
• Ken does what it takes to make it all happen. Play or don't play, lay back or give direction, be picky or accept what "feels" good. All situations are unique and it is Ken’s job to adapt and keep the big picture in mind, in an atmosphere of honesty, imagination, patience and encouragement.
• Ken will actively work with all the people involved, from significant others to music industry professionals such as the record company, mastering studios.
• Ken is organised and flexible. He will have a plan for your project and but will adapt and adjust as required.
• Ken will make your recording sound GREAT.

"I was captured by the magic of recording music at an early age and it never ceases to be a wonderful, exciting process for me and the people I work with." Ken Whiteley


Ken's productions have received:

• Combined sales to date of over 8 million copies
• 10 Canadian Gold & Platinum Records with Fred Penner, Raffi and Ken’s own Junior Jug Band
• 4 American Gold Records with Raffi & Klutz Press
• 2 Canadian Juno Awards
• 2 American Grammy nominations
• 22 Canadian Juno nominations
• 3 Producer of the Year nominations, Maple Blues Awards
• additional children’s recording awards including Parent's Choice, Children’s Music Web, A.L.A. Notable Children's Recording, Our Choice, United Way Communication Gold

• Jazz Report Blues Album of the Year Award
• Canadian Genie Award for Best Original Song in a Canadian Motion Picture


Artists produced by Ken include:

Blues Chris Whiteley, Jackie Washington, John Hammond Jr., Amos Garrett, Sonny Fournier, Fathead, Paul Dunn, Blind John Davis, B.C. Read, Danny Marks, Paul James, Big Sugar, Jay Sewall, Aaron Griggs, Arthur Renwick

Celtic Ian Robb, Tom Lewis, Friends of Fiddlers Green, Douglas John Cameron
Children's Raffi, Nancy Cassidy, Fred Penner, Al Simmons, Kathy Reid-Naiman, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Kim & Jerry Brodey, Sandy Byer, Chris McKhool, Debbie Carroll
Country/Bluegrass Chris Whiteley & Caitlin Hanford, Don Osburn
Folk Tom Paxton, David Parry, Grit Laskin, Penny Lang, Mose Scarlett, Linda Morrison, Eileen McGann, Paul Grady, Evalyn Parry, Eve Goldberg, Deborah Van Kleef, Steve Eulberg, Kristin Sweetland, Lake of Stew
Gospel Youth Outreach Choir, Toronto Mass Choir, Jane Sapp, The Richardsons, Alphanso Burke
R&B David Wall, Paradise Revue
World Music Helder Pereir, Lenka Lichtenberg, Jani Lauzon

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Award winning recording engineer...

Since 1993, Nicolas "Nik" Tjelios has been Ken Whiteley’s left hand man as he usually sits to Ken’s left in the recording studio.  Nik has earned respect in the Canadian industry of roots, blues, world and children's music for his keen ears and astounding engineering abilities, especially in recording acoustic-oriented music.  He commits himself wholeheartedly to all projects that he becomes involved in and has often given above and beyond the call of duty.  A talented musician himself, Nik is adept at discussing the studio process in musical as well as technical terms.  He plays mandolin with the Toronto acoustic band Jughead and assorted informal others. Nik co-produced and recorded Jenny Whiteley's 2001 Juno award-winning debut CD, which was recorded and mixed with Ken at Casa Wroxton Studio.  Nik also makes field recordings for people in all sorts of venues and locations from Ontario to Fiji and Venezuela to Val d'Or.  In addition to the majority of Ken's productions, Nik's stellar engineering and mixing work can be heard on the following recordings:  


The Henrys - "Is This Tomorrow" (2008) * CD + 5.1 mix DVD

Amos Garrett - "Get Way Back" (2008) * Juno nominee

Suzie Vinnick - "Happy Here" (2008) * Juno nominee

The Sultans of String - "Yalla Yalla!" (2008) * Juno nominee

The Traditional Arabic Music Ensemble - "The Art of the Early Egyptian Qanun vol. I & II" (2008)  * Juno nominee, vol. 1
The Sultans of String - "Luna" (2006)

Jenny Whiteley - "Jenny Whiteley" (2001) * Juno Award 


Ken’s studio offers...

• a vast microphone collection, including vintage Neumann and AKG tube mics, and numerous condensers, ribbons, modern high voltage...
• a large selection of modern and vintage outboard equipment including Neve 1073 (6) and Millennia HV-3 preamps (11), TC and Lexicon reverbs and FX, assorted tube and solid state compressors, A/D D/A converters, recording devices...
• 30 channel Neotek Elite analog mixing console
• 6' Wurlitzer grand piano in the main recording room and Steinway 'M' grand piano in adjacent room
• Vibraphone, Steinway upright piano, Hammond C3 organ (basically a B3 in a larger console, designed for use in churches) and a leslie amp in 'studio B'.

Basic Studio Fees include:

• $65. per hour for rehearsing, recording, mixing or mastering; minimum 3 hours per session
• $35. per hour for additional set up or tear down, if required
• $2. per CD-R
• $100. per piano tuning
• additional equipment rental fees available upon request
• all fees are subject to HST

Ken’s Producer Fee:

• Ken’s producer fee is negotiable with Ken and is in addition to the basic studio fees.

Record Labels worked with include:

A&M, Attic, Boot, Borealis Recording Company, Children's Group, Flying Fish, Klutz Press, Merriweather Records, Oak Street, Rounder, Sony Music, Stony Plain, Silo/Alcazar, Troubadour plus many independent and artist run labels

Mastering Studios worked with include:

Air Show Mastering USA, Greymarket Mastering Canada, Joao Carvalho Mastering Canada, Music Lane Canada

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