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Amistad Benefit Concert...  

Val Morin


Upcoming concerts! Amistad Canada presents a benefit concert to provide dental services to children in rural Mexico. Features guest artists Amanda Maritnez, Sharon Hampson & Bram Morrison, and Ken Whiteley. 


What better time to start a discussion on "freedom".  Ken describes the philosophy and some of the process behind the creation of his recording, "Freedom Blues" and lots of live clips give you a musical taste (in the first video below). This is uplifting blues for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper.  We hope you also enjoy the first three music videos  "Bring It All Right Down", "Give Your Hands To Struggle" and "Omar Khadr's Blues" from the Freedom Blues CD release concert in Toronto. Thanks to Riddle Films and specifically Liam Romalis and Mako Funasaka for the video production and all the incredible musicians including Amoy Levy, Ciceal LevyBucky Berger, Ewan Divitt, Richard Underhill, Perry WhiteAlastair Whitehead and Denis Keldie. Tell your friends to check this out.  



















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