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Festival of Small Halls Concert & FMO...



FESTIVAL OF SMALL HALLS CONCERT: Just announced! Ken Whiteley, vocalists Ciceal Levy & Venissa Butler and bassist Gord Mowatt will be performing on Friday, Sept. 28 @ Seeley's Bay Community Hall.  Blues/R&B artist Kim Pollard will grace us with an opening set. Tickets are now on sale. We hope to see you there!


FMO CONFERENCE: Ken, Rosalyn Dennett & Rob McLaren open the Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay showcase on Friday, Sept. 28 at 12noon for conference delegates. Not open to the general public but you can support the cause by going to


IN THE RECORDING STUDIO: This summer Ken and Nik worked with a number of talented artists... The Afro-Métis Constitution Project, Vince Halfhide, Chris White, Lenore, Sam Broverman and Kim Wallach.
















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