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Songs for Joy! Gospel Matinee...


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This Afternoon!  "Songs for Joy" will feature guest vocalists Coco Love Alcorn, Ali Matthews and basso profondos vocalist Pat Patrick at Hugh's Room Live, Toronto.  Lunch from 12noon with Music from 2pm. Tickets at the door. Also mark your calendars for the season's finale show on March 25. For more really great music visit Ken's Gospel page. 


Coco Love Alcorn has always followed her spirit, but never so literally as with her latest album, Wonderland. The songs spring from her personal journey, but true to her nature, Coco offers a universal interpretation that invites all listeners to jump in and sing along. Pat Patrick is one of Toronto’s, and possibly the country’s, deepest bass vocalists. He has an incredibly rich bass voice, which is infused with sincerity and musical skills. Whether singing harmonies or a solo, Pat is always an engaging performer and an audience favourite. He's a member of Ken Whiteley’s touring Gospel Revue band and can be heard singing on many of Ken’s CDs, including Thank You Lord!, Gospel Makes Me Feel Alright! & One World Dance. Multi-award winning recording artist, Ali Matthews  has been a performing songwriter since her teens and has built a strong following across Canada and beyond. Ali’s songwriting and performing are highly respected in both the Christian and the mainstream music industry due to her accessible, honest lyrics and her ability to weave the “spiritual” into every day life experiences. 

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