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I'll be in the recording studio in June with Kathy Reid Naiman, working on a new recording for young children. This will be our 13th together.  I've also been collaborating with Sufi master musician Davod Azad on a new project and that work is ongoing.


Later in the month I'll be heading to the States.  Ken Whiteley & The Beulah Band will be performing at the Old Songs Festival near Albany, N.Y. June 26 -28.  Check out some music, including tracks from the new CD, on my soundcloud channel and 2 music videos below.  



















Then I'll be at the Sivananda Yoga Ranch near Woodbourne, N.Y. July 3 - 5 for a concert and some workshops. Here's a clip from the Sivananda Ashram Retreat in the Bahamas where I sing a medley of "Bright Side" and "Another Day's Journey".    


GOSPEL MUSIC MAKES ME FEEL ALRIGHT...  For more about Ken's gospel music go to Ken's Gospel page









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