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Matinee in Ashcroft...




TODAY! 11 a.m. Sunday Matinee concert at St. Albans Hall.  Tickets at the door.


Ken Whiteley with outstanding bassist Dinah D. make a long awaited return trip to the interior of British Columbia.  Ken met Dinah at the Vancouver Island Folk Festival in 2007 and they have made a number of appearances together since then.  Dinah has played bass with an array of musicians including Doug Cox, Harry Manx, Be Good Tanyas, and is the leader of Contraband Swingclub and the award winning children’s act, the Kerplunks.  Ken is recognized as a master slide guitarist and expert mandolinist and whether he’s drawing from his vast repertoire of blues, swing, folk and gospel or treating you to one of his own award winning songs, you will be entertained, involved and uplifted.

COMING UP...  We're looking forward to our performance at a local Aschroft school on Monday, April 7th.  This show is for the student population only; closed to the public. 














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