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Old Songs Festival & Kim and Reggie Harris...

SUMMER FESTIVAL NEWS...  Ken will be performing at the 32nd annual Old Songs Festival in Albany (June 22-24) along with Kim and Reggie Harris, Peter and Mary Amidon, Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, Magpie, John McCutcheon to name just a few. Click on Shows for more info. 

Kim & Reggie HarrisSTUDIO NEWS...   This week the recording sessions for Kim and Reggie Harris resumes. They recorded some of the tracks at Casa Wroxton studio with Ken & his engineer Nik Tjelios in February as well as down in New York in April.  The sessions for this new CD, entitled "Resurrection Day", were initally delayd due to flooding and damages caused by hurricanes Irene and Lee at Kim and Reggie's home in New York.  You can read all about their hair raising story and pre-buy "Resurrection Day" to help them out at







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