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In the studio with Marky, Kathy and Kim & Reggie...

STUDIO NEWS... This week we welcome our new friend Marky Weinstock (pictured playing guitar beside me) to Casa Wroxton recording studio.  We met and had lots of musical fun at Eaglewood Folk Festival last summer.  Last week my engineer Nik Tjelios and I put the finishing touches on Kathy Reid-Naiman and her daughter Hannah Naiman's recording "Singing Games and Dances"Kathy's previous recording which we did together, "Sing The Cold Winter Away" was nominated for the Children's Album of the Year at the The Canadian Folk Music Awards (2010).  It's a fabulous collection of wintertime songs for your family to share and it's available from Kathy's own label,  Merriweather Records. You will also find my "Join The Band" CD  available from there too. Coming up at month's end... the recording sessions for Kim and Reggie Harris' "Ressurection Day" CD will resume. We'll be doing some more sessions at Casa Wroxton studio in Toronto as well as down in New York.  The sessions for this CD were initally delayd due to flooding and damages caused by hurricanes Irene and Lee at Kim and Reggie's home in New York.  You can read all about their hair raising story and pre-buy the "Ressurection Day" CD to help them out at

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