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Treasa Levasseur's Broad


 Toronto concerts I know you'll enjoy... This Thursday, November 3rd at Lula Lounge, Treasa Levasseur will be releasing her new CD.  BROAD - her self-description of her personality and her approach to life - has 4 different supporting bands, 4 different producers, and was cut in 3 studios in 2 different towns. I was one of the 4 producers along side Steve Marriner, Terry Wilkins and David Gavan Baxter.  In my studio we recorded 2 songs with Treasa and The Wroxton All-Stars band (Ben Whiteley, Bucky Berger & yours truly) along with my engineer Nik Tjelios on the board.  Be sure to add this CD to your music collection.  I'm also suggesting that you check out Mark Miller's book launch for his new book about the legendary Lonnie Johnson. It's happening this Wednesday, November 2nd at the Gladstone Hotel.  I'm sorry to miss both events.  








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