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Wishes, Dreams & Giants

Rodney Brown (1989)

Ken's Role: Producer

Wishes, Dreams & Giants, released in 1989, is a collection of experiences about Childhood in Northern Ontario. Songs like Grassy Narrows about the joys of growing up on a Reserve, or If You Live in Northern Ontario, You Better Like Snow, directly relate to children's experiences and transport the audience from a relaxing summer evening to an icy cold adventure.

This album encourages children to learn about different cultures, find solutions for everyday problems, and explore their imaginations with songs like Abiyoyo, a song about a mega giant who loves to sing and dance.

Gertrude the Guitar, Dulcie the Dulcimer and Bill the Bilingual Banjo are accompanied by claves, maracas, tambourines and triangles on this multi-lingual album which features songs in English, French Spanish, Ojibway and Oji-Cree.

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