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Different Stories

The Bird Sisters (1992)

Ken's Role: Producer

The Bird Sisters are Tannis Slimmon, Sue Smith and Jude Vadala.

This is a beautiful recording of heartfelt lyrics and delightful melodies with The Bird Sisters' delicious harmonies. Features Tannis Slimmon (vocals, guitar), Sue Smith (vocals, guitar), Jude Vadala (vocals) and guest musicians Lewis Melville (guitar), Ken Whiteley (mandolin, bass, guitar), Jeff Bird (mandolin, bass), Tim Vesely (bass, accordion), Jane Ellenton (tenor saxophone), Ian Pattison (snare drum), Dave Clark (drums).

Songs: Why Can't You Read My Mind, Slips Through The Crack, Skylark, Carley's Song, Gettin' Lots of Sleep, Back To The Desert, Spirit House, To The Bone, Falling For You, The Dove Flies, Get Up & Fly, Different Stories.

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