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It's You I Like

Kari Kovick (2017)

Ken's Role: Producer

Parents' Choice Award 2018

Take a beautiful voice, songs that speak to the very heart of the child, world class production, some of the finest and fun-est musicians in Toronto, and add the voices of children who have been singing these songs since they were babies, and what do you get? You get one of the freshest childrenís music albums to come along in a very long time!

Kari Thomas Kovick lives in the one-stoplight town of Floyd, Virginia. Since 1998, Kari has been connecting with children by sharing her favorite songs, which are both fun and affirming. This album brings them to life with fun musical arrangements that engage the imagination and offer quality musicianship to young ears. Meant to connect children to life rather than pull them away from it, these songs donít just entertain, they affirm relationships and invite engagement with every listening. There are thirteen cover songs, and five, well-written originals for nearly an hour of enjoyable music. The title track is the beloved Fred Rogers song, that she performs well. Other highlights include a cover of Woody Guthrie's silly "Howdjadoo," Peter Alsop's "My Body" done as a clapping tune, and the Smith Street Society Jazz Band's classic "The Bear Missed The Train." Her own songs include, the wistful "I Wish My Daddy Was Here," the percussive "On and On," and the meditative "Breathing and Counting," which are all nice additions. The songs vary from the light airy "Walkin' in the Woods," to the rocking "When I Feel Mad," and are all carried by Kari's pleasant, friendly voice, and light and effective instrumentation. Eco-friendly packaging, with colorful art, round out this nice souvenir of her well received live performances.

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