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Sing The Cold Winter Away

Kathy Reid Naiman (2010)

Ken's Role: Producer

Nominated for the 2010 Children's Album of the Year at the The Canadian Folk Music Awards. A collection of wintertime songs for the family to share. There are songs about snow, family gatherings, Chanukah, Christmas, the Winter Solstice and New Year’s Eve. This recording encompasses many aspects of Kathy’s performances, from early childhood music to traditional folk songs. She has been singing many of these songs since she was a very young girl. Some songs were learned at music and dance camps, some were written by dear friends, some were shared by friends along the way, and some are Kathy’s own compositions. The amazing cast of musicians includes Arnie Naiman, Jesse and Hannah Naiman, Ken, Chris and Ben Whiteley, Bucky Berger, Dennis Pendrith, Bob DiAngelis, William Carn, Ben Grossman, Loretto Reid and more!

Available from Merriweather Records

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