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Acoustic Album

Amos Garrett (2004)

Ken's Role: Producer

The Acoustic Amos album. A delightful collection of songs.

Musicians: Amos Garrett, Ken Whiteley, Chris Whiteley, David Wilkie, Victor Bateman, John Hyde, Bucky Berger. Additional vocals: Amand Gapite, Sandy Crawley, Tania Gill, Eve Goldberg, Julia Hanbleton, Dave Lang, Chick Roberts, Brent Titcomb, Liam Titcomb, David Wall.

Songs: She Don't Go Nowhere ('Till The Stars Come Out At Night), Sam's Song, Perfume & Tobacco, Judgement Day, Hong Kong Blues, Michigan Water Blues, I Hate Myself, Bailey Hill Requiem, Always Got Your Hands On That Guitar (Ken Whiteley), Grasshoppers In My Pillow, Small Fry, Some Musician Was To Blame.

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