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My Kind of Blues

Sunny Fournier (2001)

Ken's Role: Producer

Sudbury's Sunny Fournier second collaboration with Ken is a program of 13 originals that, as usual for Fournier, is infused with the music of his idol, B.B. King and asking B.B. King Band alumnus Russell Jackson, to play bass helps lends an air of contemporary authenticity to the proceedings. Whiteley brought along his arsenal of instruments, the kind that you wouldn't hear on a B.B. King album and Fournier's harp changes the sound as well. The rest of the band assembled for this recording includes: along with Fournier (lead guitar), Whiteley and Jackson, Maureen Brown (drums) with Michael Fonfara & Richard Bell (keyboards), Pat Carey (tenor & baritone saxes), Colleen Allen (alto sax) and Chris Whiteley (trumpet) - this band smokes! Highlights include the ballad "See You In My Dreams", the slide/harp feature "I Feel Free", the very Downchild-sounding "Women" and the long slow blues "Tired".

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