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Seashell, Sing A Song To Me

Theo Heras (2008)

Ken's Role: Producer

Seashell, Sing a Song to Me recreates a day at the beach in song and rhyme. The grown-ups look forward to a lazy day at the beach, but for the children it is anything but a rest. There are sand castles to build, gulls to chase, shells to collect, stones to skip. There are waves to conquer and sand dunes to explore. Children’s imaginations are as vast as the coastal vista and run as wild as the surf crashing on the shore. Listen . . . the sea is calling . . .

Theo Heras is a singer, writer, storyteller and children’s librarian/literature specialist living in Toronto. She is the author/performer of What Will We Do with the Baby-o?, a book and cd of traditional songs and rhymes.

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