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The Cigar Box Chronicles

Arthur Renwick (2012)

Ken's Role: Producer

Arthur Renwick's debut album, The Cigar Box Chronicles is a collection of songs addressing universal experiences taken from growing up in a First Nation's Community in Northern British Columbia. His modern songs about Loss, Love and Liquor evoke the spirit of songwriters like Mississippi John Hurt, as well as the old time Country of Hank Williams.

Produced by Ken and engineered by Nik Tjelios, this must-have recording features Arthur on lead vocals, guitars, harmonica and jaw harp with Ken (guitars, vocals & everything else), George Koller (standup bass), Al Cross (drums), Raven Kanatakta (slide guitar on Hurtin' Country Song) and Carlos del Junco (harmonica on I Tow The Line).

Arthur is also a talented visual artist, whose work exhibits at the Leo Kamen Gallery in Toronto, and was featured in the 2008 winter issue of Canadian Art.

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