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The Streets of Burma (single)

Eve Goldberg (2008)

Ken's Role: Producer

January marked the launch of Eve's single "The Streets of Burma." She wrote this song after watching the TV news last fall and seeing the powerful images of monks and nuns in Burma peacefully taking to the streets to protest against the military dictatorship. Their protests were brutally suppressed. Watching these events unfold from half a world away, she was outraged, and concerned for the people of Burma. The TV news has moved on to other, more "exciting" events, but what has happened to the monks and nuns? What has happened to the ordinary citizens in Burma who long for peace and democracy? That's where her song "The Streets of Burma" was born. Eve recorded this song in Ken Whiteley's studio with Ken and percussionist Brad Hart.

Amnesty International has decided to use the song as part of its campaign to help free U Gambira, one of the monks arrested following the protests. You may listen to and download the song by visiting Eve's website at or discover more about the campaign at

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