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Chris McKhool (2008)

Ken's Role: Producer

FiddleFire! is burning hot! Gypsy-jazz, blues, world, rumba-flamenco, funk, classical, boogie woogie, East Coast fiddling, dance party music and more… this musical romp around the world is a celebration of creativity for the enjoyment of the entire family. Learn about scat singing, drumming, world cultures, fiddles far and wide while grooving and dancing along. Featuring the FiddleFire band with stellar guest performances from some of Canada’s finest musicians including Ken & Chris Whiteley, The Sultans of String, Anne Lederman, George Gao, Rick Lazar, Roman Borys, Ernie Tollar and more! “Chris McKhool and the boys were fantastic!” - Bob Ezrin, Producer (Pink Floyd, Kiss) “A children’s superstar!” - Brent Bambury, CBC Television

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