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The Spell I Was Under

David Wall (2006)

Ken's Role: Producer

For this, David’s 2nd solo record, he has again teamed up with his close friend & musical mentor Ken Whiteley. David wanted to delve into the musical realms which have always inspired him the most; fifties-style small group gospel ensembles such as The Swan Silvertones and the early Staple Singers; the slide-washed folk blues of Muddy Waters; the deep spirited warmth of sixties soul and Van Morrison. Most of the record is centred around a deep groove, and this has been accomplished by utilizing the stellar rhythm section of Bucky Berger, drums and George Kohler, bass. Horns were handled by Sarah McElchran, trumpet and Colleen Allen, saxes. Piano legend Richard Bell lent his awesome talents and Ken Whiteley played a multitude of instruments, including Dobro, banjo, mandicello, vibes & organ. The singing, probably the most important sonic element of this record was augmented by the sensational team of Rebecca Campbell, Amoy Levy, Ciceal Levy & Pat Patrick. The keystone track of the record, “Wonder” is a rolling New Orleans shouter all about the joys of shameless regression. In many ways it sums up both the sound (lots of vocals high in the mix, soulful guitars, piano and horns) and the sentiment of “The Spell I Was Under”. In these troubled days, getting back to a place of sweet childish wonderment seems more and more necessary all the time.

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