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Reaching for the Stars

Kathy Reid Naiman (2005)

Ken's Role: Producer

Winner of the Parents' Choice Silver Award 2005! Nominee Canadian Folk Music Awards! This is the sixth recording by Kathy Reid-Naiman and like the five before, it is packed with great songs, beautifully arranged, produced and accompanied by Ken Whiteley. He is joined by Arnie Naiman, Chris Whiteley, Erynn Marshall, Debbie Carroll and Eve Goldberg to name just a few of the many musicians and singers who make this CD sparkle. These are the songs that Kathy has been using in her children’s music programs for many years. They are the ones that the children ask for over and over again. There’s ‘The Truck Song’ where they can sing about their favourite construction vehicle, Jack’s House and of course, Reaching for the Stars!

Available from Merriweather Records

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