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Up and Over The Moon

Debbie Carroll (2003)

Ken's Role: Producer

Winner of a Parents' Choice Award 2003, Children's Music Web Award 2003!
Nominated for Canadian Independent Music Award, Best Children's Performer 2004!

"Dream a dream of far away, and up and over the moon!" This stellar recording contains an imaginative collection of traditional and original songs including themes such as animals, playtime, things in the house, and the night-time sky. Debbie Carroll, along with producer Ken Whiteley have incorporated the influences of gospel, Cajun, Appalachian, Celtic and world music into this wonderful CD. The result is a toe-tapping, sing-along, rockabye collection which is beautifully childlike, and which will be enjoyed again and again by the very young and their grownups alike! The CD comes with a booklet of lyrics and actions.

Available from Merriweather Records

Visit Debbie at Debbie Carroll

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