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B.C. (Brian Cleve) Read (1998)

Ken's Role: Producer

B.C. Read is a multi-instrumentalist and singer from Saskatoon, Canada. His sound is an eclectic mix of swing, hard core Chicago, folk and Delta Blues. His gruff voice has the same quality that the Band had in their vocals, and the set comes off a very Bluesy "Music From Big Pink." A very pleasant and likable set of music. In this his debut release, he is accompanied by over a dozen musicians, including Brent Burlingham, George Tennent, Doug Scarrow, Sheldon Corbett, Dwayne Harder, Sharion Metheson, Terry Long, S. Kelly Read, Brent Parkin, Johnny V, and Ken Whiteley. This variety gives him an almost unlimited palette of sounds to work from. Excerpt from article written by Al Handa, Delta Snake Daily Blues News, July 1998.

Named #6 Canadian Blues Albums, #92 World Wide 1998", Real Blues Magazine

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