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Fred Penner's Place

Fred Penner (1988)

Ken's Role: Producer

Songs: Fred Penner's Place Theme, We're Gonna Shine, 10 In the Bed, E Compare, I Am the Wind, Jim Along Josie, Keemo Kimo, A Father's Song, Rock a Little Baby, Sing Sing Sing, Mairzy Doats, Rhyme a Word or Two, The Trans Canadian Super-Continental Streamlined Special Express, Moving Time, Grandpa Song, Gooey Duck Song, The Fishin' Hole, You Can Do It (If You Try).

Musicians: Fred Penner (acoustic guitar, pennywhistle, harmonica, wind chime); Ron Halldorson (guitar); Ken Whiteley (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, tenor guitar, banjo, mandolin, organ); Len Udow (banjo); Graham Townsend (violin); Dario Domingues (flute, panpipes); Chris Whiteley (harmonica, trumpet); Dave Jandrisch (accordion, piano, synthesizer); Bob DeAngelis (clarinet, saxophone); Bob Livingstone (trombone); Scott Alexander (double bass, electric bass); Bucky Berger, Gord Osland (drums); Dick Smith (bongos, percussion); Braden Hammond, Anne-Marie Roberts, Amanda Hammond, Rachel Harwood-Jones, Megan Maciver, Darryl Saunderson, Cindy Rhymer, Stacey Nattress, Snoopy's Gang.

Audio Mixers: Ken Whiteley; Chad Irschick.

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