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Suzy Is a Rocker

Tom Paxton (1992)

Ken's Role: Producer

A whole new generation is getting to know and love Tom Paxton for his incredibly funny children's songs.

Features Tom on guitar and banjo with Ken Whiteley (electric guitar, organ, acoustic guitar, auto harp, dulcimer, piano, string bass, 5 string banjo, tenor banjo, mandolin, bass harmonica, accordian, triangle, synthesizer, charango), Dennis Pendrith (electric bass, string bass), Bucky Berger (drums), Chris Whiteley (harmonica, pedal steel), Dick Smith (percussion), John Sheard (piano, synthesizer), Kathryn Moses (tenor sax, flute), Stephen Donald (trumpet), Graham Townsend (fiddle), Jim Galloway (soprano, baritone sax), Scott Irvine (tuba), Colleen Peterson (harmony vocals), Joan Bessen (harmony vocals), and children from the Dewson P.S. (Rahim Karmali, Billy Mavrakakis, Nooreen Rahemtullah, Debbie Randall).

15 classic children's songs: The Baseball Kids, The Crow's Toes, I've Got A YoYo, We Have Each Other, Oops, Pretty Clever, Suzy Is A Rocker, Ride My Bike, A Giraffe Can Laugh, The Wonderful Pigtown Fair, Bellyache, Billy Take Your Banjo Down, Let The Wild Wind Blow, I Can't Sleep, S'Pose My Toes Were Noses.

Later released as I've Got A Yo-Yo, for the second of two compilations of Tom's children's songs.

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