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Banana Split: More Mariposa In The Schools

Mariposa In the Schools (1984)

Ken's Role: Producer

Mariposa In The Schools (MITS) has been bringing folk arts to school-age children since 1969. In those 15 years, the MITS programme has expanded from the original presentations in folk music and dance to include other folk arts such as storytelling, mime and puppetry. We've added artists of the highest calibre from those fields, presented many fine public concerts and, of course, produced our first album "Going Bananas".

Most of the songs, dances and play parties are traditional, but we've included a few more recent compositions written in a traditional style. As well, there are a couple of songs written by MITS performers. We've chosen, arranged and performed these child-tested selections from such varied areas as multicultural music, jugband, play parties, gospel songs, traditional songs from the British Isles, work songs and Anglo and Franco Canadian music and dances.

MITS performers: Jerry & Kim Brodey, Sharon, Lois & Bram, Dan Yashinsky, Rick & Judy, Beverlie Robertson, Sandra Beech, Reet Hendrickson, Anne Lederman, Deborah Dunleavy, Caroline Parry, Olga Sandolowich, Shelley Gordon, Chick Roberts, Bluma, Andrea Haddad, Bill Russell, Eric Nagler, Sandy Byer, Chris Whiteley, Ian Bell, Chris Rawlings.

This album also includes the singers from Corpus Christi Separate School, Spectrum School, Shoreham Public School, and Kensington Community School.

Songs: Spread This News Around, Down In The Valley, One Man Went To Mow, Boat Goes Down The River, Ariran, Johnny Cake, Skating Away, J'Entend Le Moulin, Echo Song, The Fox, Ice Cream On The Sugar Cone, La Bastringue, The Bell Cow, The Hokey Pokey, The Bird Song, Sweet Winds, Ten Fat Sausages, Partner Songs, Everybody Loves Saturday Night, Let It Rain, John Kanaka, Uncle Roon.

Produced by Ken Whiteley. Executive Producer: Liz Chappel. Recorded & Mixed at CBC Studio 45, Toronto, Ontario. Engineered by David Dobbs. Mastered at McLear Place. Jacket design by Ian Bell.

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