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Still Soft Voiced Heart

Marilyn Lerner & David Wall (2001)

Ken's Role: Producer

This, the first recording by Marilyn Lerner and David Wall, is the culmination of two years of collaboration on original settings of modern Yiddish poetry by a diverse group of writers including Avram Sutskever, Kadie Molodowsky Zisha Landau and Peretz MIransky. Marilyn and David’s obviously wide range of musical influences and stylistic expertise have combined to create a beautiful and fascinating partnership.

Still Soft Voiced Heart, released on the reputable New York-based world music/folk label Traditional Crossroads in 2001, features fourteen brand new Yiddish songs. Based on a far-reaching assortment of 20th century yiddish poems, these works reflect the many musical influences of the two composers, drawing on jewish folk, jazz, classical, (especially 19th century German “lieder”), and liturgical/cantorial music. Marilyn and David’s project embodies a contemporary and edgy approach to Yiddish culture, reflecting a living, vibrant, multi-faceted artistic tradition. Many of the poems they’ve set are by modernist, challenging and difficult yiddish-language writers such as Avram Sutskever and Canada’s own Peretz Miransky and much of the original music-writing is both stylistically daring and wonderfully genre-blurring yet consistantly accessible.

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