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Blue Voice, New Voice

Jani Lauzon (1994)

Ken's Role: Producer

Jani Lauzon's debut album features mostly a blues inspired recording with a blend of other colours including her cultural Heritage that is relevant to the music but does not exclusively define it. Features 12 tracks including the popular single "99 lbs", featured on Air Canada's Canadian musician series.

Strong soulful vocals, classic organ, a great horn section with a solid groove can be heard on "Can't Buy them Blues" and "Don't Tell Me", whilie "Broken Spirit" and "Goin' Wild for you Baby" firmly place Jani in the stronghold of the "exceptional ballad chanteuse".

An all Canadian "cast" includes, Tom Griffiths (bass), Jim Casson (drums), Steve Hunter (piano/organ), John Bride (guitar) among others, and also features guest artists Sarah McElcheran (trumpet), Colleen Allan (sax), David Wall (vocals), Susan HooKong (vocals), and Alejandra Nunez (percussion/vocals).

Nominated for a Juno award in 1994.

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